Overview of the Homage to the Cooperative Idea

The UN has proclaimed 2012 to be the Internatinonal Year of Cooperatives. In an era of global and economic crisis, it is thereby honouring a company form that Migros has practised sustainably since 1941: the combination of commercial success and social responsibility.

In light of current events, the M11 Migros Annual Report focuses on the cooperative idea with numerous contributions: a homage, portraits, testimonials – and supplements them with illustrations, videos, images and animations.

Home: an economic system with a future

The main article with a homage to the cooperative idea – and Migros. An old love, stronger than ever.

Points of focus: the Chairman's and CEO's review

Migros' cooperative form, which Gottlieb Duttweiler introduced in 1941, continues to be hugely significant for the management to this day and is reflected in its decisions and visions.

Migros Group: experts and their views on the cooperative idea

An appraisal of eight economists, including some points of criticism.

Our responsibility: three cooperative portraits

Cooperatives move, for instance Mobility. They lead back to the origin of the cooperative idea, for instance the Schwägalp alpine cheese dairy. And they inspire, for instance Theater Basel.

Employees: a focus on three people

The cooperative form offers a fruitful ground for attractive working conditions geared towards sustainability. Migros is a good example in this respect.

Cooperative governance: the votes of the delegates

Cooperatives are democratic at their heart, just like the Swiss Confederation.

Financial reports: a kind of business model

A winking implementation of the business model of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.