Report on the Financial Situation of Migros Group

Apart from companies in the sectors Retail, Industry and Wholesaling, Migros Group also owns Migros Bank. The financial services business of Migros Bank differs fundamentally from other segments of Migros Group. For this reason, in the annual accounts of Migros Group two sectors have been added in the report on the financial situation: Below, Migros Group without the financial services business is referred to as «the Retail and Industry sector» and Migros Bank as «the Financial Services sector». This separate reporting allows outsiders to gain a good insight into the results of operations, financial position and net assets of the two sectors. The table below provides an overview of the segments assigned to the sectors:

SectorConsisting of the segments
Retail and Industry sectorCooperative Retailing, Commerce, Industry & Wholesaling, Travel, Others
Financial Services sectorFinancial Services (Migros Bank)