Income Statement
Federation of Migros Cooperatives

CHF thousand
Net sales revenue215'168'0045'364'414
Other operating income22240'652255'727
Total operating income 5'408'6565'620'141
Cost of materials, goods and purchased services 4'595'9464'767'272
Gross operating profit 812'710852'869
Personnel expenses23256'287235'648
Advertising expenses24247'317282'795
Administration expenses25238'527242'307
Earnings before income and taxes (EBIT) 44'48377'627
Financial income and expenses2738'690- 61'758
Other income and expenses28-113'757
Profit before taxes 83'16219'625
Taxes 8'1735'244
Net profit 74'98914'381


The Notes referred to above can be found in the full Migros Group Annual Report (under Download).