Cash Flow Statement of Migros Group

 Migros GroupRetail and Industry sector1Financial Services sector1
CHF million
Cash flow from operating activity1'126.71'999.01'347.41'855.1- 503.3248.4
Cash flow from investing activity- 438.9- 1'464.8- 1'207.1- 1'344.2767.9- 126.8
Cash flow from financing activity759.1- 585.8- 46.0- 423.9690.6- 303.2
Changes in cash and cash equivalents1'446.9- 51.694.387.0955.2- 181.6
Cash and cash equivalents, at beginning of year3'125.43'167.21'333.01'236.22'297.02'478.6
Foreign exchange differences- 2.99.8- 2.99.8
Cash and cash equivalents, at end of year4'569.43'125.41'424.41'333.03'252.22'297.0

1 Unaudited; before consolidation of transactions between the two sectors.