Targets and Outlook:
the long-term corporate development of Migros

Migros will continue to direct all its efforts to expanding its services, improving quality, lowering its prices and driving the healthy development of the entire Group with sustainable investments and cost reduction programmes. This enables profitable growth, which is necessary for securing jobs in the long term and for a healthy financial foundation.

We apply our principles and use the benefits of a cooperative in a targeted manner. We will continue to be oriented towards long-term corporate development. In the interest of all stakeholders, we wish to create value sustainably and permanently.

The vertical integration remains the most important distinction of Migros. It ensures the high quality of our products and services. The basis for this are our state-of-the-art industrial enterprises, a broad and attractive retail range and comprehensive services.

We aim to secure healthy growth in the years ahead. Strategic alliances and acquisitions will be realised, bringing real benefit to society and consumers.

Investments in the Swiss market will also be implemented as planned. Over the next three years, Migros intends to invest about CHF 5 billion in Switzerland. These investments will further strengthen the Group's local presence and ensure comprehensive customer service, and will include the targeted expansion of the infrastructure and extension of the online platforms.

Active sustainability will remain a key task for Migros in the future. By 2012 Migros aims to have reduced its carbon emissions by 27% on 2000 through its ambitious climate protection concept. Industrial companies, stores and operations centres are all on target. The raft of measures includes further increasing energy efficiency in buildings and installations, reducing harmful emissions from cooling and refrigeration systems, cutting down on packaging materials and stepping up the use of rail transport.

We plan to maintain our leading position in all key areas. We are working with huge commitment toward remaining what we were in 2010 – Switzerland's most popular company.