Key Figures 2011

in CHF million or as indicated20072008200920102011Change on previous year in %
> of which income before income from financial services business21'705.024'732.023'958.424'080.423'893.6–0.8
> of which Migros retail sales18'535.421'557.021'037.221'199.821'058.6–0.7
> of which income of the Cooperatives14'658.015'387.615'221.815'164.214'661.9–3.3
EBITDA1 (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation)2'018.32'096.82'278.42'315.72'116.2–8.6
as % of income8. 
> of which EBITDA of the retail and industry sector1'739.21'869.32'039.22'001.81'791.2–10.5
EBIT1 (earnings before interest and taxes)1'043.01'112.91'153.11'176.2979.0–16.8
as % of income4. 
Profit1801.0 700.7846.3851.6659.3–22.6
as % of income3. 
Cash flow from operating activity1'268.02'471.52'409.61'999.01'126.7–43.6
as % of income5. 
> of which cash flow of the retail and industry sector1'946.01'887.41'494.51'855.11'347.4–27.4
as % of balance sheet total24.925.126.327.327.0 
> of which equity of the retail and industry sector10'139.010'698.511'634.912'412.412'893.23.9
> as % of balance sheet total53.856.059.562.163.6 
Balance sheet total46'732.048'740.950'805.252'374.555'181.45.4
> of which balance sheet total of the retail and industry sector18'833.019'088.119'564.019'973.120'256.81.4
Expenditure for cultural, social and economic policy purposes127.3 119.7114.1114.9117.62.3
Workforce (number of persons - annual average)82'71284'09683'78083'61686'3933.3
Migros Cooperatives (number of members)2'022'0602'055'0442'074'2592'086'2942'091'1880.2
Distribution network  
> Total Migros distribution sites5896016046106232.1
> Total Migros sales area m21'225'3821'251'1151'266'0621'293'2041'332'3973.0
Apprentices (number of persons)2'9573'1783'2643'3283'3861.7
Total sales sustainable labels  incl. AdR2 (in CHF millions)  2'0182'1492'2886.5
Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2)3 (1'000 t CO2eq)(273.5)328.2326.4314.7310.1–1.5
Total energy consumption (GWh)1'625.01'626.41'629.91'630.41'599.5–1.9
Kilometrage of rail transport (in million km)9.410.110.310.610.1–4.2
Operational waste (1'000 t)198.0197.3201.8208.2212.01.8
Customer returns (1'000 t)12.912.612.913.013.43.0

  1 Before effect from pension plans.
  2 Due to new calculation bases, the sales of the sustainable labels are available for the first time as of 2009.
  3 Greenhouse gas emissions from combustibles and fuel consumption, cooling agent losses (from 2008) and power consumption (in accordance with Swiss consumption mix at 154g CO2eq/kWh power). Scope 1 and 2 in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol.