Targets and Outlook

Sustainable, innovative and in dialogue with its stakeholders: Migros is continuing to stick to its successful business model – and is expanding its social commitment to the entire group of companies.

In line with its living better every day vision, Migros will continue to work towards being recognised as the company for the improvement of the quality of life by customers, employees and the public alike.

The basis for Migros Group's sustainable development is its cooperative actions, regional ties and values of reason, solidarity and respect. The majority of its profit is reinvested in the company to achieve the best price-performance ratio.

In line with the vision of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, the company assumes its social responsibility by investing part of its sales in cultural and social projects and thereby allowing a broad spectrum of the public to participate in social issues.

In addition to the existing Migros Culture Percentage, Migros will in the future put aside another CHF 10 million for charitable projects and thereby expand its cultural, social, ecological and political commitment to the entire group of companies. Companies from the strategic business units of Commerce, Financial Services and Travel will in the future make possible new projects in the areas of business, culture, sustainability and sport by committing 10% of its ordinary dividends. In doing so, Migros Group is comprehensively assuming its social responsibility.

Having won the renowned Energy Globe Award in 2011, Migros is putting everything towards maintaining its leading role in environmental and climate protection and continuing to offer its customers ecologically and socially sustainable products.
Even under more difficult economic conditions, the company is sticking to its strategic core targets: its market leadership in Swiss retail, stronger growth abroad, be it through organic growth, strategic alliances or consolidation as well as profitable growth.

In its operating business, the Migros Group relies on innovations in its product range and in the online area. The dynamic development in e-commerce and increasingly popular smartphone shopping mean that the online channel in connection with the existing sale and communication channels are a strategic factor for Migros.
With investments in the expansion of its infrastructure, the local presence of Migros enterprises and shops is being strengthened further. The company is thereby committed not least to the long-term securing of jobs in Switzerland and abroad.

Even under the pressure from hard discounters, a weak euro and shopping tourism, Migros is committed to a sustainable business policy, which combines commercial success with social and ecological responsibility – to the benefit of all stakeholders.