Balance Sheet
Federation of Migros Cooperatives

CHF thousand

Current assets   
Liquid assets and fixed-term deposits11'995'1491'118'156
Current receivables:> due from group companies31'025'0071'247'322
 > trade debtors (third parties) 35'57148'410
Other current receivables (third parties)436'10042'562
Prepayments and accrued income 92'54491'412
Total current assets 3'869'0203'296'226
Fixed assets   
Financial assets   
Long-term receivables:> due from group companies62'392'8952'541'918
 > due from third parties 99'99556'811
Equity interests:> in group companies72'179'3242'006'860
 > in third parties8150'105155'486
Tangible assets947'52756'808
Intangible assets1049'30946'643
Total fixed assets 4'919'1554'864'526
Total assets 8'788'1758'160'752


CHF thousand

Current debt capital   
Financial liabilities11404'100316'417
Liabilities:> due to group companies122'898'3532'560'298
 > third-party trade creditors 246'255285'368
Other current liabilities13861'864292'636
Personnel and M-participation accounts 13'62012'053
Current provisions14176'312279'095
Accrued liabilities and deferred income 36'32237'298
Total current debt capital 4'636'8263'783'165
Long-term debt capital   
Liabilities:> due to third parties1558'500201'000
Personnel investment accounts161'528'9371'464'862
Debenture loans / private placements17225'000450'000
Long-term provisions1892'07693'372
Total long-term debt capital 1'904'5122'209'234
Total debt capital 6'541'3385'992'399
Shareholders’ equity   
Cooperative capital 15'00015'000
Statutory reserves 20'00020'000
Other reserves192'124'0072'050'007
Migros Culture Percentage provision207'831
Unappropriated profit2087'83075'515
Total shareholder’s equity 2'246'8372'168'353
Total liabilities and shareholder’s equity 8'788'1758'160'752

The Notes referred to above can be found in the full Migros Group Annual Report (under Download).