Income Statement of Migros Group

CHF million
Net revenue from goods and services sold 23'798.923'586.0
Other operating income8278.0307.6
Income before financial services business 24'076.923'893.6
Interest and commission income and (net) gains on financial instruments of the financial services business7921.9965.2
Total income624'998.824'858.8
Cost of goods and services sold914'371.414'302.5
Interest and commission expense and valuation allowances
of the financial services business
Personnel expenses105'033.35'038.5
Depreciation and amortisation27-291'191.81'137.2
Other operating expenses113'050.33'031.9
Operating profit before effect from pension plans 985.6979.0
Effect from pension plans before income tax10341.33.9
Operating profit 1'326.9982.9
Finance income1221.9–77.6
Finance cost12–99.6–114.7
Share of (loss)/profit from associates and joint ventures131.95.5
Profit before income tax 1'251.1796.1
Income tax expense14255.9133.7
Group profit 995.2662.4
Additional information
Effect from pension plans after income tax 271.03.1
Profit before effect from pension plans 724.2659.3
Attribution of group profit
Profit attributable to members of the Cooperatives 993.8660.6
Profit/(loss) attributable to non-controlling interests 1.41.8
Group profit 995.2662.4


The Notes referred to above can be found in the full Migros Group Annual Report (under Download).