Key Figures 2010

in CHF million20062007200820092010Change on previous year in %
Income21'374.522'697.025'749.824'946.925'040.3+ 0.4
> of which income before income from financial services business20'461.521'705.024'732.023'958.424'080.4+ 0.5
> of which Migros retail sales17'510.218'535.421'557.021'037.221'199.8+ 0.8
> of which income of the Cooperatives14'480.014'658.015'387.615'221.815'164.2- 0.4
EBITDA1 (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation)1'854.52'018.32'096.82'278.42'315.7+ 1.6
as % of income8. 
> of which EBITDA of the retail and industry sector1'568.21'739.21'869.32'039.22'001.8- 1.8
EBIT1 (earnings before interest and taxes)947.61'043.01'112.91'153.11'176.2+ 2.0
as % of income4. 
Profit1839.1801.0 700.7846.3851.6+ 0.6
as % of income3. 
Cash flow from operating activity311.41'268.02'471.52'409.61'999.0- 17.0
as % of income1. 
> of which cash flow of the retail and industry sector1'235.01'946.01'887.41'494.51'855.1+ 24.1
Investments997.01'421.01'673.91'479.51'490.2+ 0.7
Equity10'857.411'639.012'254.013'363.414'294.0+ 7.0
as % of balance sheet total24.824.925.126.327.3 
> of which equity of the retail and industry sector9'419.810'139.010'698.511'634.912'412.4+ 6.7
> as % of balance sheet total57.553.856.059.562.1 
Balance sheet total43'717.346'732.048'740.950'805.252'374.5+ 3.1
> of which balance sheet total of the retail and industry sector16'385.018'833.019'088.119'564.019'973.1+ 2.1
Expenditure for cultural, social and economic policy purposes115.7127.3 119.7114.1114.9+ 0.7
Workforce (number of persons - annual average)79'59782'71284'09683'78083'616- 0.2
Migros Cooperatives (number of members)1'993'5432'022'0602'055'0442'074'2592'086'294+ 0.6
Distribution network  
> Total Migros distribution sites590589601604610+ 1.0
> Total Migros sales area m21'227'7281'225'3821'251'1151'266'0621'293'204+ 2.1
Apprentices (number of persons)2'8092'9573'1783'2643'328+ 2
Total sales sustainable labels  incl. AdR (in CHF millions)   2'0182'149+ 6.5
Total direct greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), absolute3 (1'000 t)135.8128.5182.1178.2173.0- 2.9
Total energy consumption, absolute (GWh)1'646.01'625.01'627.31'625.51'629.8+ 0.2
Kilometrage of rail transport (in million km)10.19.410.110.310.6+ 2.7
Operational waste, total (1'000 t)200.3198.0197.3201.8208.5+ 3.3
Customer returns (1'000 t)12.512.912.612.913.0+ 1.0

  1Before effect from pension plans.
  2Due to new calculation bases, the sales of the sustainable labels are available for the first time as of 2009.
  3Incl. CO2 eq from refrigerant emissions as of 2008.