FMC Management Divisions

The FMC is broken down into six departments and 27 management divisions, which report to the member of the Executive Board responsible as head of a department.

(as at 31.12.2011)

Beat Arbenz, Head of Corporate Finance (V)
Annina Arpagaus, General Secretary (CEO's)
Hans-Rudolf Castell, Head of Human Resources Management (I)
Marc Engelhard, Head of Marketing Communication (II)
Markus Gisiger, Head of BU Food (II)
Monica Glisenti, Head of Corporate Communications (CEO's)
Hedy Graber, Head of Cultural and Social Affairs (I)
Martin Haas, Head of Migros IT Services (III)
Jann Hatz, Head of Corporate Development (CEO's)
Marlène Honegger, Head of FMC Personnel (I)
Matthias Kneubühl, Head of FMC Accounting & Controlling (V)
André Knubel, Auditor of Migros Community (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Beda Ledergerber, Head of Treasury of Migros Community (V)
Noel Matos, Head of Strategic Export Marketing (IV)
Bernd Messerer, Head of Controlling Migros Community (V)
Bernhard Metzger, Head of Logistics and Transport (III)
Andrea Moser, Head of Legal Services (CEO's)
Markus Neukom, Head of Planning/Expansion (III)
Andreas Niess, Head of Accounting Migros Community (V)
Thomas Paroubek, Head of Logistics – Technical Department (III)
Marcel Schaniel, Head of Customer and Web Intelligence (CEO's)
Martin Schläpfer, Head of Economic Policy (CEO's)
Thomas Schmutz, Head of Club Schools Coordination (I)
Peggy Schuhmann, Head of SQTS (III)
Hansueli Siber, Head of Freshness (II)
Alex Sieber, Head of Near/Non Food (II)
Michael Spiess, Head of Specialist Markets (II)