The 2010 Assembly of Delegates

Last year the Assembly of Delegates met twice. In addition to the regular business, it also debated raising the retirement age. Various specialist talks and discussions were also held.

In two meetings, the 2010 Assembly of Delegates discussed its statutory matters. In addition, the delegates decided to raise the retirement age from 63 to 64, and to redistribute the employer contribution to the Migros Pension Fund (MPF). Specialist talks and discussions were held on sustainability, as well as on the topic of corporate and marketing communication and on the m-way project.

An ad-hoc working group consisting of representatives of all cooperatives discussed the issue of alcohol at Migros and established an interpretation procedure.

Composition and competences
In accordance with the statutes, the Assembly of Delegates comprises 100 delegates, who are selected from the regional cooperatives on the basis of a specified quota, together with 10 representatives of the boards of directors of the 10 cooperatives and a president.

The principal powers of the Assembly of Delegates include defining and amending the statutes, electing and dismissing members of the Board of Directors, taking the decision to wind up the FMC, approving the annual report and annual financial statements, ratifying the actions of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, and electing and dismissing the Board of Control.

The Assembly of Delegates has its own office (Office of the Assembly of Delegates) and permanent working groups Aid Fund and Board of Directors’ Annual Report, whose duties and organisation are regulated by the rules of organisation of the Assembly of Delegates and by mandates. The Assembly may also set up ad-hoc working groups to deal with temporary assignments.