Board of Directors

The Board of Directors appoints and supervises the Executive Board and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the Migros Community, the structure of financial reporting, financial control and financial planning. Another function of the Board of Directors is to create efficient management and organisational structures for Migros.

In 2010 the Board of Directors held seven board meetings. Detailed preparation and the preliminary work done by the committees enable the discussions of the full board with its 23 members to be conducted effectively and efficiently.

The Board of Directors delegates operational management to the Executive Board, which is headed by the Chief Executive Officer. Its officers and competences are listed in the rules of organisation of the Board of Directors. These rules are currently under review.
Decisions are agreed by the full Board of Directors, taking account of the usual rules in cases of conflict of interest. Members of the Board of Directors normally receive written notification of motions in advance.

Composition and election mode
With regard to composition, every effort is made to create a balanced ratio between internal and external members. The Chairman of the Executive Board, one representative from each of the ten regional Cooperatives (normally the managing director) and two staff representatives are regarded as internal members in view of their contract of employment with Migros. It is forbidden under the statutes to hold more than one key administrative office at the same time. Nine persons from the business sector act as external members.