Cooperative Retailing, including Leisure Facilities

The 10 Migros cooperatives generated sales of CHF 15.164 billion in 2010 (-0.4%). With negative inflation of -3%, this corresponds to real growth of +2.6%. In terms of volume, Migros also sold more in 2010 than in the previous year. But the numerous discounts of more than CHF 450 million across the entire range weighed on sales.

Earnings before finance income, income tax and pension plan effect (EBIT) fell slightly from CHF 514.7 million the previous year to CHF 501.6 million.

in CHF million20102009Change in %
Net revenue from goods and services sold   
– Cooperatives incl. other countries15'164.215'221.8–0.4
– FMC  5'364.45'414.2–0.9
– Logistics     329.0     336.0–2.1
– Other companies     128.1     111.514.9
Total net revenue from sales of goods and services sold20'985.721'083.5–0.5
Other operating income     162.1     148.3  9.3
Eliminations –5'464.6–5'536.6–1.3
Total income15'683.215'695.2–0.1
Earnings before financial income, income tax and pension plan effect (EBIT)     501.6    514.7–2.5
Segment assets  8'863.18'637.5 
Investments in long-term assets  1'039.51'050.7 
Employees   59'05759'786 


Distribution network

Distribution network Cooperative Retailing

 No. of sites 2010No. of sites 2009Sales area (m2) 2010Sales area
(m2) 2009
Migros sites    
M291292   214'364206'998
MM213209   493'526487'715
MMM3939   325'621322'959
MParcs/specialist market centres/Obi4442248'815238'924
Single-line stores (bargain basements, etc.)19189'8758'463
Standalone restaurants441'0031'003
TOTAL SITES6106041'293'2041'266'062
M, MM und MMM543540847'189831'629
Other supermarkets1101012'55311'807
TOTAL SUPERMARKETS553550859'742843'436
Specialist markets    
Do It+Garden5051107'793106'513
Obi DIY superstore/garden101081'29581'293
TOTAL SPECIALIST MARKETS206201346'136334'849
Migros catering services    
M-Restaurants, standalone441'0031'003
M-Restaurants, in-store18518686'32386'774
TOTAL RESTAURANTS18919087'32687'777
France (Migros France)    
Germany (GM Basel)    
Migros Partner7584  
Fitnessparks, fitness centres and Wellnessparks24037  
Green Meadow Parks Foundation44  

1 integral with MParcs or specialist market centres

2 incl. subsidiaries (Activ Fitness, FlowerPower, TC Innerschweiz)

Migros confirms its price/performance leadership
On 29 December 2010 Migros reduced the prices of 2'247 convenience goods permanently by 3%-20%. At consistently high levels of quality, the price/performance ratio improved further for its customers. Migros has therefore kept its promise to pass on the savings of shelf price labelling in the form of lower sales prices. Customers also benefited from efficiency increases in procurement and logistics.

The negative inflation across the entire Migros range was -3% in the year under review, while average inflation in Switzerland stood at +0.7%. In the fresh produce segment alone, prices fell by 3.6%, while meat and poultry were on average 6.5% cheaper and fruit and vegetables 3.8% cheaper than in the previous year.

Even closer to the customers
The entire sales network of cooperative retailing consisted of 610 locations as at the end of last year, six locations more than in 2009. The sales area at supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialist markets and in gastronomy increased by a total of 27'142 m2 (+2.1%) to 1'293'204 m2 last year.
Noteworthy new openings are the first stand-alone branch of Micasa in Etoy VD, two new specialist markets (Micasa / SportXX) at Centro Sant Antonino and two new MM markets in Fribourg and La Chaux-de-Fonds.
At the same time, several major refurbishments were also completed in 2010. For instance, the Zentrum Länderpark in Stans. The new shopping centre requires absolutely no fossil fuels, bears the Minergie label and has its own major solar power plant. It was awarded the Natur & Wirtschaft quality certificate and is a further example of how Migros is committed to sustainability in its construction activities.

Successful products and offers
Since their launch, Migros Premium products have generated sales of CHF 41 million. Migros's particularly successful branded products in 2010 included the Heidi products (+4%), Total washing agents (+7%), and I am (+7%) and Zoe (+21%) cosmetics items. The 11 types of Delizio coffee capsules were UTZ-certified and posted sales growth of 12.7% in the year under review.

More products with added social and environmental value
The Bio campaign launched in 2010 resulted in higher sales for Bio products. They rose by 14% to CHF 407 million. Those products with the MSC label for sustainable fishing also saw a rise. Sales increased by 30% to CHF 50 million. Good growth figures were also posted by products from the Max Havelaar, FSC and Bio-Baumwolle labels. The share of energy-saving devices bearing the Topten label also more than doubled in the year under review.

Outlook: Maintaining its leading position
The retail cooperative will continue to adhere to Migros's corporate values in order to continue its success story. Freshness, Swissness, regionality, sustainability and exceptional value for money will continue to dominate our strategy and actions in the years ahead. Cooperative retailing will continue to offer the best value for money. Cost savings through improved processes and efficiency increases will again be passed on to customers in the form of discounts in the future. This will ensure Migros's leading position.

Charts on the 10 Migros cooperatives

Leisure Facilities: Migros takes a stake in Medbase – Golfparks Migros added to ASG

In 2010 Migros expanded its expertise in the fitness area and joined forces with Medbase AG – medical and paramedical services can now be used directly in seven fitness parks. Migros's share is 53 per cent, split across the four Migros Cooperatives of Aare, Lucerne, Eastern Switzerland and Zurich. In addition to general and sports medicine, Medbase offers a broad range of paramedical services with physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, biomechanical analyses, medical massages and complementary medicine. The aim of the two companies is to provide the best range in integrative health care, i.e. from prevention through to rehabilitation.

Activ Fitness also expanded its range in the fitness area in 2010 by opening new locations in Bülach, Zurich-Tiefenbrunnen and Netstal.

At the end of January 2010, the Swiss Golf Association (ASG) added the Migros Golfparks as an associated member. This gives the Golfparks a voting right as well as a listing in various golf course guides and the benefits of direct contact with other clubs. More than 8'000 golfers already hold Migros's ASG GolfCard, which also identifies its owner as a member of a recognised organisation when abroad.