Shared Services

The Logistics & IT Department acts as a provider of shared services and is responsible for the proactive provision of integral, cost-effective and efficient national and international processes along the entire value-added chain.

The Migros Verteilzentrum Suhr AG (logistics service centre for food) and Migros Verteilbetriebe Neuendorf AG (logistics service centre for non- and near-food, textiles and frozen produce) take care of inventory management, storage, order picking and transport. The management divisions of Shared Services are the competence centres for logistics, IT, transport, ecology, planning and expansion, quality inspection and technology. Alongside operations, they are also responsible for the strategy in these areas.

Even more efficient, faster and cheaper
2010 was dominated by efficiency increases. Further headway was made thanks to a raft of measures. Trading in goods was optimised along the entire value-added chain: from planning, ranges, procurement, production and distribution through to sales. These initiatives affected all Shared Services units. Thus, the Suhr Distribution Centre was awarded the "platform for small quantities" to supply the migrolino shops. The Neuendorf AG Migros distribution centre put into operation the first part of a fully automated picking system in the frozen food range. The plant will come fully on stream in the course of 2011.

Sustainability: targeted initiatives
In conjunction with other business areas, the department was again committed to the sustainable structuring of its services in 2010. This starts, as far as possible, with the design of the operating premises. Four Migros premises were certified by the Natur&Wirtschaft Foundation in the year under review.

More goods were switched to rail transport in the year under review. Transport by rail now makes up about 40% of outgoing goods. It has been doubled in recent years thanks to targeted initatives.

Limmatdruck AG and LiB-AG (Liegenschafts-Betrieb AG), which belong to the Logistics & IT Department, again made important contributions to the sustainable further development of the Migros Group in 2010. Low-migration and mineral oil-free printing inks will also be used at Limmatdruck AG in the future, while LiB-AG opened a shopping centre to Minergie standard.

EMA 2010 goes to Migros
The comprehensive activities of Shared Services in establishing higher energy management were honoured in 2010. The renowned EHI Retail Institute bestowed an award on Migros in 2010 for to its long-term measures and current initiatives. With an installed capacity of 2.6 MW on a total of 15 photovoltaic plants, Migros is the Swiss champion in this area.