Cash Flow Statement of Migros Group

 Migros GroupRetail and Industry sector1Financial Services sector1
CHF million
Cash flow from operating activity1'267.51'126.72'045.31'347.4–408.8–503.3
Cash flow from investing activity–979.2–438.9–1'211.2–1'207.1238.5767.9
Cash flow from financing activity–508.9759.1–127.8–46.0–425.7690.6
Changes in cash and cash equivalents–220.61'446.9706.394.3–596.0955.2
Cash and cash equivalents, at beginning of year4'569.43'125.41'424.41'333.03'252.22'297.0
Foreign exchange differences2.1–2.92.1–2.9
Cash and cash equivalents, at end of year4'350.94'569.42'132.81'424.42'656.23'252.2

1 Unaudited; before consolidation of transactions between the two sectors.