01 ––
From West Africa to Buchs – the sustainable journey of cocoa beans to Chocolat Frey
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02 ––
100% UTZ-certified cocoa at Chocolat Frey – just one example of how Migros leads the way
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03 ––
Riseria Taverne and Risoletto's rice – careful selection of suppliers and meticulous production
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04 ––
Risoletto comes from
the chocolate heart of
Migros Industry
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05 ––
Quality assurance for
food and consumer
goods – Migros' Swiss Quality Testing Services
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06 ––
94 276 employees from
152 countries – dedicated
to Risoletto and much more
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07 ––
Risoletto passes through many female fingers –
the backbone of Migros
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08 ––
Taking the bitter with
the sweet – one of
3500 trainees at Migros
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09 ––
Just like magic – why Risoletto never runs out
in more than 700 Migros stores and branches
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10 ––
Blind tasting session
with insiders – Risoletto
at the FMC's Assembly
of Delegates
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Milestones in the History of the Migros Group

The history of the Migros Group begins with the history of Migros in 1925. Here are just a few of the key events that have shaped the company's history.


Migros is established

Migros AG is established with seed capital of CHF 100'000.

1941: Founding of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC).


Delicatessen from Jowa

The Migros bakery (until 1955, Jonatal AG, Wald) starts operation, initially to produce chocolate.


Travelling with Hotelplan

With its holiday offers at low, flat-rate prices, Hotelplan invigorates the Swiss travel sector. In 1981 the cooperative is converted into a joint-stock company.


FMC is established

The Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) is established in 1941, now in the legal form of a cooperative.


Establishment of the Club School

Huge demand for good and affordable adult education means that Migros Club School is a success from the very start.


Acquisition of BINA

Boycotts force Migros to expand its own production: the retailer acquires the Bischoffszell tin factory (BINA).


Participation in Ex Libris

Migros participates in the Ex Libris book club, thereby supporting lower book prices.

Takeover of Chocolat Frey

Migros takes over the equity capital of Chocolat Frey AG, which gives the company a fresh boost.


Full tanks with Migrol

To counteract the monopoly of the heating oil sector, Migrol is established. As a result, heating oil prices drop 20% and petrol prices soon follow suit.

Many things in one: DELICA

The history of DELICA begins in 1954. Established as Migros Lagerhaus Genossenschaft (MLG), Migros Zentralpackerei AG (MZP) is established on the same premises in 1964. In 1987 MZP and MLG merge to create Migros Betriebe Birsfelden AG (MBB). In 2007 MBB changes its name to Delica AG and the packaging unit is outsourced.


Establishment of ELSA

Initially, Conserves Estavayer SA (CESA) fills tins; the production of dairy products starts in 1960. The change of name to Estavayer Lait SA (ELSA) takes place in 1998.

Eurocentres is established

With the new language school, languages are now learned from where they come.


Opening of Migros Bank

After the war, Migros assumes an increasing number of financial tasks. As a result, the first Migros Bank branch is opened with attractive interest rates and favourable loans.


Showcase business Micarna

Migros responds to the increasing demand for meat by building a state-of-the-art meat products factory (production starts in 1960).

Acquisition of Aproz

After several years of cooperation with Seba Aproz AZ as a supplier, Migros takes over 90% of Aproz' equity capital.


Beauty by Mibelle

Mibelle AG is established, based at Gifa in Basel. Cosmetics factory Mibelle AG in Buchs/AG starts operations in 1962. In 1967 Mibelle relocates from Basel to Buchs/AG. Mibelle starts selling Candida toothpaste in 1967. In 1969 Mibelle gains access to cosmetics care with JANA.


GDI foundations laid

Shortly before his death, Gottlieb Duttweiler lays the foundations for an international education and research institute. The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) is opened in 1963.


Establishment of Mifroma

Initially, Mifroma SA serves as a cheese cellar to refine Gruyère. In 1969 the packaging centre is launched.


First Fitnesspark

Migros gets a foothold in the fitness sector by opening its first Fitnesspark in Lucerne. Fitnessparks were also opened in Lausanne and Thun/Oberhofen in the same year.


Micasa furniture concept starts; in 1986 Micasa AG is established to promote home ownership.

Migros decides to offer high quality at favourable prices in the residential sector too and establishes Micasa SA.


Acquisition of Interhome

Hotelplan takes over Interhome, the world's biggest provider of holiday homes.


Establishment of Golf Courses

Migros enters the sport of golf and opens its first golf course in Holzhäusern (canton Zug) under the motto Luxury for the Masses.


Acquisition of the Globus Group

The retailer expands and diversifies its range by acquiring the majority of shares in the Globus department store group.


Participation in LeShop

Migros enters into a strategic alliance with the online supermarket LeShop SA and offers its products online for the first time. In 2006 the Federation of Migros Cooperatives takes over 80% of LeShop's equity capital.


Acquisition of 70% of Denner

To prevent an acquisition of Denner by foreign discounters, Migros takes over 70% of Denner AG's equity capital. At the end of 2009, the Federation of Migros Cooperatives becomes 100% owner of Denner.


Establishing/renaming migrolino

After «avec»’s exit, Migros opens the migrolino shops at railway and petrol stations, known for their high-quality products at affordable prices.


I do it m-way

m-way, the new platform for electromobility, is established as a company unit of Migrol AG.


30% stake in digitec

Migros acquires a 30% share in digitec/Galaxus AG, strengthening its position as the number one in e-commerce. Digitec is Switzerland's largest online retailer for information technology, consumer electronics and telecommunications.

Opening of the Oranger Garten

For the 50th anniversary of Gottlieb Duttweiler's death, the Oranger Garten opens in Rüschlikon with a pavilion where the public can experience important footage from the Migros company archive with state-of-the-art interactive technology.