Shared Services

The Logistics & IT Department acts as a provider of shared services and is responsible for the proactive provision of integral, cost-effective and efficient national and international processes along the entire value added chain.

The Migros Verteilzentrum Suhr AG (logistics service centre for food) and Migros Verteilbetriebe Neuendorf AG (logistics service centre for non-food, textiles and frozen produce) take care of inventory management, storage, order picking and transport.
The management divisions of Shared Services are the competence centres for logistics, IT, transport, ecology, planning and expansion, quality inspection and technology. Alongside operations, they are also responsible for strategy in these areas.

Further reduction in costs

The year 2009 was dedicated to efficiency improvements. Considerable headway was made thanks to a raft of measures ranging from preparing for the changeover to shelf price labelling, optimising the management of inventories and returns, improving internal cooperation between marketing and logistics as well as reducing energy costs by optimising energy management. Essential cost savings resulted from improved capacity utilisation of the transport fleet through the targeted smoothing of deliveries.

Sustainability: Targeted initiatives

In conjunction with other business units, the department is committed to the sustainable structuring of its services. The department's management divisions and the distribution centres are therefore actively involved in Group-wide cooperation with the Energy Agency for the Economy (EnAW). Targeted initiatives contribute to continous improvements in Migros' carbon footprint. The Natro (National Transport Optimisation) project concluded last year has also resulted in considerable savings in national transport costs. Furthermore, Migros is SBB Cargo's biggest customer and in 2009 increased its rail shipments to its highest level ever.