Gender Structure

Migros is female. In 2011 Migros Group employed 53 216 women and 33 177 men. Women accounted for 61% of Migros Group’s workforce.

In Switzerland's overall economic average, the female employment rate stands at about 45%. In the three business areas Cooperative Retailing, Commerce and Travel, which employ about 84% of Migros' entire workforce, the percentage of women is a lot higher: between 65 and 74%. As such, Migros makes an important contribution to the employment of women in Switzerland. The necessary compatibility of job and family is supported with a broad range of family-policy measures and benefits. Migros is committed to a future-looking HR policy, because it is aware that increasing the participation of women in the workforce plays a key role in mastering the future economic and demographic challenges.

Chart Gender structure

CHART - MA-Mitarbeitende nach Geschlecht