Staff Expenditure and Value Added

About 5 billion – that is how high the personnel costs of Migros Group were in 2011. About 75% of the total net value added went to the benefit of its employees. As such, the increase in their real wages exceeded the wage development of the overall economy significantly. For the overall Migros Group, the principle of role- and performance-based remuneration applies. Migros is also above average when it comes to pension benefits and continues to make a double pension contribution. Migros’ attractiveness as an employer is emphasised by many additional benefits, such as maternity leave of 16 to 18 weeks at full salary, various discounts, the participation in the company's success or a special whole life insurance. The subject of professional development and lifelong learning is for Migros an important pillar of its personnel and leadership development, which takes a long-term and sustainable approach. In 2011  Migros Group invested a total of CHF 35 million in the further education of its employees.