Personnel Costs, Wage Growth and Value Added

The wages of Migros employees rose in nominal terms by 22.8% and in real terms by 13.6% between 2001 and 2011 via annual wage adjustments. The wage bill now exceeds CHF 3.9 billion and the personnel costs amount to some CHF 5 billion. In 2011 Migros spent more than 75% of its total net value added on its employees.

Real wages at Migros rose by an average of 1.2% as of 1 January 2011. This wage adjustment is part of a wage-policy strategy that is not aimed at short-term effects, but guided towards a long-term sustainability in wage development. Employees benefit from this. While wages in the Swiss private sector rose by 16.6% in nominal and by 7.7% in real terms between 2001 and 2011, Migros increased its nominal wages by 22.8% and its real wages by 13.6%. The overall economic wage development was therefore greatly exceeded. As the employees play an important part in the contribution that Migros makes to the economic value added in Switzerland, they also make up a major proportion of the social value added of Migros. In 2011 Migros spent around 75% of its net value added on its employees. 

Chart Personnel costs development

CHART - MA-Personalkostenentwicklung

Chart Wage development

CHART - MA-Lohnsummenentwicklung

Chart Share of value added

Basis Retail and Industry sector (without Financial Services)
CHART - MA-Wertschöpfungsanteil