Listening, participating, getting to Work

Migros cooperates with many organisations at regional, national and international level and is in contact with an even greater number. Its cooperation with the WWF Switzerland is currently particularly close.

Switzerland's largest retailer and private employer is in touch with numerous stakeholder groups. As part of the Group strategy process, Migros has identified customers, employees, cooperative members, suppliers and society as central groups of contact. The latter include, in particular, the authorities, media, associations and pressure groups as well as non-governmental organisations. The forms of dialogue are very open and range from occasional, informal meetings to membership through to closer cooperation in partnership depending on the situation. Migros has also concluded longer-term cooperation agreements with some organisations on matters such as the responsible procurement of products and raw materials. As a member of national and international organisations, Migros continues to receive first-hand information on important topics and can influence developments that affect them.

Regular meetings with stakeholders

The dialogue is maintained by various units of Migros, depending on who the contact is. Many units are also in contact with non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The aim of these discussions is to conduct a constructive dialogue with these organisations, to identify early what topics interest them and to pick up interesting ideas. In 2011 meetings were held with Greenpeace Switzerland and the Declaration of Berne. Migros discussed the procurement of palm oil, soya, cocoa and coffee as well as consumption, in particular of meat, with both organisations.

Strategic partnership with WWF

Migros has been active in the Climate and in the Seafood Group as well as in the WWF's Global Forest & Trade Network for a long time. Three years ago, the retailer expanded this successful cooperation with the environmental organisation to a strategic partnership. The foundation for the cooperation is specific targets to which Migros has committed itself. They refer to the areas of sustainable consumption, climate protection and biodiversity. The retailer also supports the activities of the WWF in the area of child and youth work: thanks to Migros' commitment, 50 additional WWF youth camps were organised, and Migros and WWF held event days for school classes on farms. The partners also launch joint activities to the benefit of nature and the environment every year. In 2011 these included:

  • Fund raising campaigns: with the two Quizmania and Mountainmania fund raising campaigns, Migros and WWF Switzerland last year again inspired many children to become active for environmental subjects. Migros also supported alpine and climate projects of the WWF with part of the proceeds.
  • Nature assignments: 300 employees of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives made an active contribution to biodiversity in the Lower Engadin and Upper Valais.
  • Exhibition in the Swiss National Museum: Migros contributed to the special exhibition of the Swiss National Museum in celebration of the WWF's 50th anniversary. The retailer provided a supplemental part to the exhibition on sustainable consumption.
  • Green Gourmet: Migros published the Green Gourmet cookery book together with the WWF Switzerland in spring 2011. The sustainable cookery book sold more than 250 000 times in a short period of time and is therefore the most frequently sold cookery book in Switzerland.