01 ––
From West Africa to Buchs – the sustainable journey of cocoa beans to Chocolat Frey
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02 ––
100% UTZ-certified cocoa at Chocolat Frey – just one example of how Migros leads the way
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03 ––
Riseria Taverne and Risoletto's rice – careful selection of suppliers and meticulous production
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04 ––
Risoletto comes from
the chocolate heart of
Migros Industry
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05 ––
Quality assurance for
food and consumer
goods – Migros' Swiss Quality Testing Services
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06 ––
94 276 employees from
152 countries – dedicated
to Risoletto and much more
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07 ––
Risoletto passes through many female fingers –
the backbone of Migros
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08 ––
Taking the bitter with
the sweet – one of
3500 trainees at Migros
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09 ––
Just like magic – why Risoletto never runs out
in more than 700 Migros stores and branches
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10 ––
Blind tasting session
with insiders – Risoletto
at the FMC's Assembly
of Delegates
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Figures and Charts of Our Responsibility


Sustainable consumption

Sustainable range and labels key figures

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1 Incl. products with two awards


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Production conditions key figures

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Energy and climate key figures

Migros Group

Direct und indirect greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) 2012 Scope 1, 2 and 31, absolute
[in tonnes CO2]

 Direct GHG emissions (Scope 1)Indirect GHG emissions (Scope 2)TOTAL
(Scope 1, 2)
Other indirect GHG emissions
(Scope 3)
(Scope 3)
HeatFuel5RefrigerantsElectricity6District heating Third-party transport7Operational waste8Passenger flights9 
Cooperative Retailing23ʼ41226ʼ90729ʼ90883ʼ88073164ʼ1796ʼ08320ʼ2001ʼ29227ʼ575
Stores13ʼ592 29ʼ04965ʼ0341ʼ157108ʼ832  20 
Logistics companies29ʼ82026ʼ90785918ʼ845–1ʼ08455ʼ3476ʼ083 1ʼ272 
Industry68ʼ4901ʼ6593ʼ51244ʼ525675118ʼ860 7ʼ1001ʼ2058ʼ305
Cooperative Retailing + Industry91ʼ90128ʼ56533ʼ420128ʼ405748283ʼ0396ʼ08327ʼ3002ʼ49835ʼ881
Commerce38ʼ102 1ʼ60516ʼ700 26ʼ407    
Financial Services and Travel4274  1ʼ221 1ʼ495  396396
Leisure Facilities (Fitnessparks)2ʼ629  3ʼ6971ʼ1727ʼ498    
TOTAL102ʼ90628ʼ56535ʼ025150ʼ0231ʼ920318ʼ439  2ʼ89436ʼ277



Energy consumption 2013, absolute
[in GWh]

Cooperative Retailing631134105871
Stores48971 560
Logistics companies214264105311
Cooperative Retailing + Industry9665181111ʼ595
Commerce312627 152
Financial Services and Travel491 10
Leisure Facilities (Fitnessparks)2827 55
    Total energy consumption1ʼ1295731111ʼ813

1 Scope of greenhouse gas emissions according to Greenhouse Gas Protocol

2 Operating centres, distribution units and FMC

3 Based on data of the retailers Globus, Interio, Migrol and Denner (contains some projections and previous year's data)

4 Based on data of Migros Bank and Hotelplan Switzerland

5 Own vehicle fleets of the Migros Cooperatives and Scana

6 In accordance with Swiss consumption mix at 132.9g CO2 eq/KWh power

7 Goods transportation by lorry through transport partners of the Migros Cooperatives

8 Calculation based on 2010 emission factors of Swiss greenhouse gas statistics; in industrial production, less rubbish but mainly CO2-neutral organic waste is generated

9 Business flights of employees; offsetting via myclimate


Cooperative Retailing and Industry


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1 Scope 1 and 2 in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol

2 Own vehicle fleets of the Migros Cooperatives and Scana

3 in accordance with Swiss consumption mix at 132.9g CO2 eq/KWh power. New emission factor in accordance with FOEN, also applied to previous years for comparison purposes

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1 Own vehicle fleets of the Migros Cooperatives and Scana

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Minergie & renewable energy

Minergie-certified area
(1000m2, Migros-Gruppe)
Procurement of green power
(in GWh)
Solar power plants
(installed capacity on Migros roofs in kilowatt peak)
Proportion of heat from renewable energy
(in %)


Transport and mobility key figures

Cooperative Retailing and Industry


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Please upgrade your browser spezifische_co2_emissionen_aus_warentransport_lkw_eigene_flotte_KD_en

1 Tonne kilometres (tom) according to HVF survey

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Waste and recycling key figures

Cooperative Retailing and Industry


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1 Income from Migros Cooperative Retailing and Industry (Migros Cooperatives excl. tegut..., FMC, industrial and logistics companies)



Migros Culture Percentage key figures


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Migros Culture Percentage expenditure 1957 - 2013