Migros Annual Report 2017

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Key Figures 2017 CHF 28.1 billion


Sustainability management 5 promises

kept in 2017

Highlights 2017

Migros' key achievements in 2017


Migros launches the health initiative iMpuls

Migros expands its range of health-related services by launching a digital platform with editorial content. The company is thus helping the population to maintain a healthy lifestyle in four areas: nutrition, exercise, relaxation and medicine. Migros' health services are combined under the iMpuls brand alongside the medical services of Medbase.


Migros launches the Migusto cooking club

Migros combines its culinary expertise under the Migusto brand. At the centre of this lies the cooking club Migusto. It offers numerous advantages for its members, who include ambitious amateur chefs, people with little time to cook and novices behind the stove. The platform www.migusto.ch presents seasonal recipe ideas, cooking instructions – and Switzerland's most-visited recipe database.


Fabrice Zumbrunnen is elected new FMC CEO

Fabrice Zumbrunnen, Head of Human Resources, Cultural & Social Affairs, Leisure since 2012 and a member of the FMC Executive Board, is elected as the new CEO of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives by the Board of Directors. The 47-year-old from western Switzerland commences his new role on 1 January 2018. He replaces Herbert Bolliger, who retires at the end of 2017 after 13 years at the helm of Migros.

Migros enjoys the best reputation

For the fourth time in succession, the Federation of Migros Cooperatives is named Switzerland's most renowned company by GfK Business Reflector 2017. In the assessment of social and environmental commitment in particular, Migros is way ahead of other companies in the ranking. Second place is occupied by Rega and third by Ricola.

Fiore di pietra opens on Monte Generoso

On Monte Generoso, the striking Fiore di pietra, designed by Ticino architect Mario Botta, is officially opened. The building, shaped like a stone flower, offers a spectacular panoramic view, a gourmet restaurant and a self-service restaurant, and a modern conference infrastructure. The new landmark opens to the public in April 2017.


Sarah Kreienbühl elected new Head of the department I

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives elects Sarah Kreienbühl as the new Head of Human Resources, Cultural & Social Affairs and a member of the FMC Executive Board. Kreienbühl, previously Group Vice President Corporate HRM & Communications and a member of the management board at Sonova AG, replaces Fabrice Zumbrunnen on 1 January 2018.

Acquisition of Hitzberger and Hug Bäckerei

Migros Cooperative Zurich acquires catering company Hitzberger, which sells high-quality fast food products with organic ingredients. With retroactive effect from 1 January 2017, Migros subsidiary Jowa AG acquires a majority stake in Hug Bäckerei AG, which specialises in the semi-industrial production of fresh and frozen bread and baked goods.


M-Industry enters online market in China

M-Industry forms partnerships with the Chinese online retail platforms Kaola and (from December 2017) Tmall, which belongs to the Alibaba Group. Under the name "Orange Garten", it sells a selected range of Migros products, such as coffee, snacks and drinks. Plans are in place to expand the product range.


New clothing for Migros sales staff

The sales staff in the Migros stores are given new uniforms. Swiss designer Ida Gut, who created the collection 12 years ago, is again in charge of the concept. The design and materials of the existing clothing are improved. Paprika is kept as the base colour of the shirts and blouses, while the outerwear colour is changed to garnet.


Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga to attend the Assembly of Delegates

Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga, head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police (EJPD), has accepted an invitation to attend the FMC Assembly of Delegates as a guest. In an discussion with journalist Esther Girsberger, she will talk about the topic of "women in managerial posts – how to succeed". Sommaruga's appearance will mark the first time that a government representative has made an appearance at the FMC Assembly of Delegates.

The Mall of Switzerland opens

The Mall of Switzerland, the second-largest shopping centre in the country, opens in Ebikon (LU). It contains about 90 stores across four floors and offers a wide range of food and entertainment options (including a cinema). Migros Cooperative Lucerne is the mall's main leaseholder and is represented there with the region's largest MMM branch, numerous specialist markets and a Migros restaurant.

The Migros Group launches an extensive careers portal

Migros is the largest private-sector employer in Switzerland. Under the title "Migros Group Working World", the new careers portal publishes all vacancies at the 60+ companies of the Migros Group. The portal also provides information about working conditions at Migros, entry and career opportunities within the group, and employee profiles.


New umbrella campaign launched

Under the title "Die Migros gehört den Leuten. Und das merkt man." (Migros belongs to the people. That's plain to see), Migros launches a new advertising campaign that focuses on the company's owners; i.e. the more than 2.2 million members of the regional Cooperatives. The campaign emphasises Migros' proximity to its customers and invites them to become members themselves.

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