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The health of the population is important to Migros. It stepped up its commitment to health in 2017 by launching the iMpuls platform and by expanding its range of services to support a completely healthy lifestyle.

In the area of nutrition, Migros launched the well-being brand "YOU" in 2017 and made further efforts to reduce the salt and sugar content of its products. It was able to extend its leading position in the fitness market by, inter alia, taking over the company Silhouette Wellness SA.

By expanding the Medbase Group, agreeing strategic partnerships with providers of medical services, and piloting shop-in-shop pharmacies in its supermarkets, Migros was able to expand its range of solutions for end-to-end medical care.

To help the population live a completely healthy lifestyle, Migros also increased its range of value-adding services relating to the health platform iMpuls. These include offers for free fitness and relaxation days in the Club Schools, the free fitness companion iMpuls Coach and digital chats with experts on health-related topics.

With its projects and more than 240 health-enhancing locations, Migros offers the Swiss population end-to-end support in the area of health – from prevention to medical care through to rehabilitation. The iMpuls platform is being further enhanced across all business units.

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