Society & Culture

Cultural & Social Affairs

Migros Culture Percentage and the Engagement Migros development fund invested, inter alia, in social cohesion and the development of young talent in 2017.

Migros Culture Percentage

Migros Culture Percentage supported artists in various categories in 2017. It initiated the new series Our Soloists of Tomorrow, which gives talented young musicians the chance to perform in large concert halls. In addition, it offered a mentoring system between experienced authors and young writers via the literature platform double. The pop music festival m4music acted as a springboard for young bands.

In social projects initiated by Migros Culture Percentage, the focus was on social cohesion. For example, a national think-tank was held on the subject of unaccompanied minor refugees. The women of the GrossmütterRevolution (grandmother revolution) campaigned for greater quality of life in old age. The number of Tavolata communal meals for the elderly increased throughout the whole of Switzerland in 2017.

Engagement Migros

The Engagement Migros development fund supported a total of 55 projects and scouted 14 new ones in 2017. Efforts were stepped up in the six focus areas, and the projects received more support from Pionierlab. The impulse event Collaboratively innovative! Pioneers of the digital transformation, organised by Engagement Migros and digitalswitzerland, facilitated networking between partners.

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