Society & Culture

Aid Fund & Donations

Social responsibility is an integral part of Migros' corporate culture. In 2017, Migros put more than CHF 7.8 million towards development aid projects and donations.

Migros Aid Fund

The Migros Aid Fund has supported social and ecological development aid projects in Switzerland and abroad since 1979. The ten Migros Cooperatives make CHF 1 million per year available for this purpose.

In 2017, 17 projects from recognised non-profit organisations based in Switzerland received financial support. These include the organisations Nordesta, the Womanity Foundation and Pro Media Leventina.


In 2017, Migros helped disadvantaged people and the needy with donations amounting to more than CHF 6.8 million. The most important contributions were:

  • As part of the Christmas donation campaign, Migros customers donated CHF 2.2 million to people in need in Switzerland; Migros topped up the amount by CHF 1 million. The funds were distributed to the organisations Caritas, HEKS, Pro Juventute, Pro Senectute and Winterhilfe Schweiz.
  • As part of World Animal Day, Migros donated CHF 45'000 to Swiss Animal Protection (SAP), the Tierrettungsdienst animal rescue foundation and the Therapy Dog Association Switzerland.
  • Donations in kind worth CHF 1.3 million went to the aid organisation AVC, Caritas, Rumänienhilfe and the Pfarrer Ernst Sieber Foundation; in addition, Caritas and Tischlein deck dich received food donations worth about CHF 1.9 million.
  • A charge for plastic bags was introduced in November 2016. Sales proceeds amounting to CHF 0.4 million were donated to various organisations.

Aid Fund & Donations (pdf, 49.54 KB)