Climate-friendly shopping at Migros

Migros is not only making its own branches energy efficient, it also enables its customers to shop in a climate-friendly way. Since last year, the retailer has published the carbon footprint of some 500 products.

Private consumption is a key factor in the climate issue: it is responsible for about 40% of per-capita greenhouse gas emissions. As retailing forms a bridge between producers and consumers, it plays a central role in promoting climate protection. As a responsible retailer, Migros is therefore not only reducing its own greenhouse gases, but also offers an increasing range of climate-friendly products. As such, the selection of devices with the Topten label is growing. Migros Do it & Garden is the first DIY store to systematically designate particularly power-efficient products with the label, for instance lawn mowers. Migros has also declared the energy consumption of all devices of its own brands since 2010. Amongst freezers and fridges, the retailer now only stocks such devices with the top energy efficiency classes. More than 95% of coffee and capsule machines have the best efficiency category A. Migros also raises awareness amongst its customers and participated in the Swiss Energy Day for the sixth time in October 2011.

Carbon footprint published

As the first company in Switzerland, Migros introduced the approved by climatop label for particularly climate-friendly products in 2008 and has since designated them as CO2 champions in its shops. In the meantime, 120 products bear the label of the independent climatop organisation. As Switzerland's only retailer, Migros has stated the detailed carbon footprint of all products examined so far since spring 2011: as at the end of last year, the carbon footprints of some 500 products were available on the migipedia internet platform; by the end of 2012, this figure will have risen to 850. Migros is also committed to more climate transparency at an institutional level: in 2011 the international Product Carbon Footprint World Forum (PCF World Forum) was held in Switzerland for the first time and was co-financed by Migros.

Platform for electric vehicles expanded

Migros is urgently promoting its platform for electromobility, which it established in 2010. As such, it opened two m-way shops in St Gallen and Geneva last year, and three more shops are to be added in 2012. In cooperation with Mobility and SBB, m-way now also offers electric cars on a car-sharing basis. At nine railway stations of urban centres, Mobility customers have at their disposal a total of 18 Think City four-seaters for daily hire. Thanks to a partnership with Chevrolet, m-way has offered the Volt, an electric car with a range extender, since the end of 2011. Users of the Züri rollt bike hire scheme can also choose from a range of trendy e-bikes as of last year. The concept of free test drives will be expanded to the free bike hire networks in Lausanne and Geneva in 2012. Like all electric vehicles from m-way, the e-bikes available for hire run on power from renewable sources. To this end, m-way entered into a partnership with naturemade, the association for green energy. Every year the company purchases green power of the naturemade start label from Swiss hydroelectric power and can thereby cover the energy need of the fleet of vehicles and other business activities of m-way.