Making healthy Food tasty

Quality of life means one thing above all: health. The retailer is therefore increasingly committed to a balanced diet and promoting exercise.

It is the key concern of Migros to contribute to the quality of life of people. For this reason, it not only encourages its customers to eat a healthy diet, but also to organise their leisure activities. Migros is increasingly improving the food recipes of its own brands. In addition, all suppliers are obligated to observe the Migros quality standards, which partly exceed the legal requirements. By joining the actionsanté initiative of the Federal Office of Public Health, Migros has deepened its commitment in the health care area in recent years. The aim of the joint campaign of the Federation and business is to make it easier for the population to lead an active lifestyle with a balanced diet.

Salt and sugar reduced

As part of the partnership with actionsanté, Migros is currently reducing the salt content inits  food. It has already reduced the salt content in bread. By the end of 2012, the retailer will also reduce the salt content in more than 150 convenience products like soups, noodles, pizzas and ready meals. Migros specifies binding limits for every product category. The retailer is also reducing the sugar content, where practical. As such, a project to reduce the sugar content in about half of all yoghurts in its range has been in place since the end of 2011: by 2013, the sugar content is to be reduced gradually by 10%.

Range of gluten-free products expanded

Allergies and intolerances are becoming a problem for an increasing number of people. For this reason, Migros has cooperated with the Swiss Allergy Centre (aha!) for some years and labels particularly agreeable products with the aha! label. In the meantime, 69 products from the food, cosmetics and household areas bear this quality seal. In autumn 2011 the Migros production plant JOWA also established its own production line exclusively for gluten-free bread, noodles and bakery products. They have been on the shelves of the branches since spring 2012. The aha! range will be expanded by convenience products such as deep-frozen pasta dishes and a ready-made pizza in 2012.

More information on food

Migros has been providing detailed nutritional value information on the majority of its range since 2009. These food facts list the content of energy, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fat, saturated fatty acids, fibres and natrium/table salt of a product per 100 grams. The EU declared this information as binding as of the end of 2011. If the Federal Office for Public Health follows suit, Migros will already be prepared. Migros also states in the food facts what percentage of the daily need of an adult is covered by one portion. The retailer not only informs its customers via the package: its own diet advisors also answer specific questions in connection with Migros products. In 2011 more than 2000 people used this free information service.

Healthy and sustainable offer in gastronomy

Migros created attractive Délifit offers throughout Switzerland in the take-away range in spring 2011. Wholemeal sandwiches, muesli, fruit portions and salads aim to make a healthier diet tasty for young people in particular. The Migros restaurants also make a contribution to a balanced diet. As such, they participated in the Délifit campaign and optimised the salad sauces, which now contain high-quality olive oil and rapeseed oil only. Gastronomy is also conducting a pilot project with gluten- and lactose-free products for people with allergies, which will be continued again this year.