01 ––
From West Africa to Buchs – the sustainable journey of cocoa beans to Chocolat Frey
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02 ––
100% UTZ-certified cocoa at Chocolat Frey – just one example of how Migros leads the way
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03 ––
Riseria Taverne and Risoletto's rice – careful selection of suppliers and meticulous production
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04 ––
Risoletto comes from
the chocolate heart of
Migros Industry
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05 ––
Quality assurance for
food and consumer
goods – Migros' Swiss Quality Testing Services
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06 ––
94 276 employees from
152 countries – dedicated
to Risoletto and much more
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07 ––
Risoletto passes through many female fingers –
the backbone of Migros
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08 ––
Taking the bitter with
the sweet – one of
3500 trainees at Migros
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09 ––
Just like magic – why Risoletto never runs out
in more than 700 Migros stores and branches
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10 ––
Blind tasting session
with insiders – Risoletto
at the FMC's Assembly
of Delegates
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Key Figures 2013


Ausgewählte Kennzahlen
in CHF million, unless stated otherwise2009201020112012 (restated)12013Change on previous year in %
of which income before income from financial services business23'958.424'080.423'893.624'076.925'845.97.3
of which Migros retail sales21'037.221'199.821'058.621'333.922'867.17.2
of which income of the Cooperatives15'221.815'164.214'661.914'524.015'844.39.1
EBITDA2 (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation)2'278.42'315.72'116.22'177.42'266.14.1
as % of income9. 
of which EBITDA of the retail and industry sectors2'039.22'001.81'791.21'901.51'985.64.4
EBIT2 (earnings before interest and taxes)1'153.11'176.2979.0985.61'043.95.9
as % of income4. 
as % of income3. 
Effect from pension plans after income tax135.340.23.122.413.4 
Cash flow from operating activity2'409.61'999.01'126.71'267.51'224.9- 3.4
as % of income9. 
of which cash flow of the retail and industry sector1'494.51'855.11'347.42'045.3687.7- 66.4
as % of balance sheet total26.327.327.026.527.2 
of which equity of the retail and industry sectors11'634.912'412.412'893.213'099.813'663.44.3
as % of balance sheet total59.562.163.662.565.1 
Balance sheet total50'805.252'374.555'181.457'534.258'809.42.2
of which balance sheet total of the retail and industry sectors19'564.019'973.120'256.820'958.320'983.70.1
Distribution network      
Total Migros distribution sites6046106236316391.3
Total Migros sales area m21'266'0621'293'2041'332'3971'344'7381'348'6640.3
Migros Cooperatives (number of members)2'074'2592'086'2942'091'1882'111'0842'136'9591.2
Workforce (number of persons - annual average)83'78083'61686'39387'46194'2767.8
Apprentices (number of persons)3'2643'3283'3863'3583'4954.1
Expenditure Migros Culture Percentage114.1114.9117.6125.0120.3- 3.8
Expenditure of the Engagement Migros development fund (Migros Goup)34.8 
Sales of sustainable & regional labels Cooperative Retailing42'0182'1492'2882'6142'8338.4
Share of sustainable and regional labels in Cooperative Retailing's sales (%)13.314.215.618.019.37.2
Greenhouse gas emissions5, absolute (in 1'000 tonnes of CO2eq)309.5298.2291.7292.8283.0–3.3
Total energy consumption, absolute (GWh)1'6321'6381'5991'6121'595–1.1
Kilometres travelled using rail transport (in Switzerland Migros Goup) (in million km)10.310.610.19.910.78.0
Waste, total (in 1'000 tonnes)214.5221.2228.3230.5235.62.2
Waste recycling rate [in %]70.571.672.072.574.12.2

1 Restated in connection with IAS 19 (cf. explanations in Note 2 to the Migros Group financial statements) and restatement tangible assets.

2 Before effect from pension plans.

3 Funds made available for the first time in 2012.

4 Cooperative Retailing business unit. The following labels: AdR, TerraSuisse, Bio, Bio Cotton, Bio Garden, UTZ Certified, Max Havelaar, MSC/ASC, Topten, Climatop. Incl. products with two awards. Retailing excl. tegut...

5 Greenhouse gas emissions from combustibles and fuel consumption, cooling agent losses and power consumption (in accordance with Swiss consumption mix at 132.9g CO2 eq/KWh power; new emission factor in accordance with FOEN, also applied to previous years for comparison purposes). Scope 1 and 2 in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol.