01 ––
From West Africa to Buchs – the sustainable journey of cocoa beans to Chocolat Frey
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02 ––
100% UTZ-certified cocoa at Chocolat Frey – just one example of how Migros leads the way
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03 ––
Riseria Taverne and Risoletto's rice – careful selection of suppliers and meticulous production
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04 ––
Risoletto comes from
the chocolate heart of
Migros Industry
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05 ––
Quality assurance for
food and consumer
goods – Migros' Swiss Quality Testing Services
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06 ––
94 276 employees from
152 countries – dedicated
to Risoletto and much more
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07 ––
Risoletto passes through many female fingers –
the backbone of Migros
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08 ––
Taking the bitter with
the sweet – one of
3500 trainees at Migros
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09 ––
Just like magic – why Risoletto never runs out
in more than 700 Migros stores and branches
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10 ––
Blind tasting session
with insiders – Risoletto
at the FMC's Assembly
of Delegates
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Targets and Outlook

Sustainable, innovative and in dialogue with stakeholders: Migros remains faithful to its successful business principles – and is gradually extending its social commitment to its entire group of companies.

Following its vision of «Migros – a better life every day», Migros will continue to do its utmost to be recognised among its customers, employees and the general public as the leading company for quality of life.

The healthy development of the Migros Group is based on its cooperative philosophy, its national and regional roots, and its commitment to serving the needs of its customers with professional passion in a credible, performance-driven and responsible way.

In the spirit of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, the company takes its social responsibility very seriously, not just its economic responsibility. It invests a share of its sales revenue in cultural and social projects and thereby enables the wider public to play a part in social issues.

To supplement the Migros Culture Percentage, which is funded from the sales revenue of the Cooperative Retailing SBU, the Migros Group has created the Engagement Migros development fund to provide additional resources for projects in the areas of culture, sustainability, economics and sport. The company is thereby extending its social commitment to the entire group.

Under the Generation M sustainable development programme, Migros is making a long-term commitment to protecting the environment, promoting informed consumption and interacting with society and its employees in a socially minded and exemplary way. The range of sustainable products and services is continuously being expanded.

Even under difficult economic conditions, the company firmly maintains its key strategic goals: market leadership in Swiss retailing and leading roles in the other business units, stronger growth abroad – either through organic growth, strategic alliances or consolidations – as well as profitable growth.

Migros will do everything it can to continue to offer its customers the best value for money in the future.

In its operational business, the Migros Group is firmly committed to innovations in the product range and expanding its digital business models. Attractive cross-channel offerings are a strategic factor for Migros.

By investing in the expansion of the infrastructure, the local presence of the Migros businesses and branch networks will be further strengthened. Among other things, the company is committing itself to the important issue of long-term job security both in Switzerland and abroad.