Health & Safety at Work

Migros has a long tradition of practising systematic occupational health management (OHM) and has been awarded the Friendly Work Space label.

Migros meets its legal responsibility to protect its employees as part of the group-wide solution (GWS) for "occupational health and safety", which ensures systematic protection of employees. It is checked continuously by qualified specialists and refined on an ongoing basis. In addition to the working environment and working conditions, individual health-related behaviour is also supported.

The reintegration of sick or injured employees is also part of the OHM system. Reintegration support is offered to disability pensioners as well. In 2018, Migros employed about 800 people who receive a disability pension; this corresponds to 0.9% of all Migros staff in Switzerland.

Seventeen companies of the Migros Group carry the Friendly Work Space quality label. They are the ten regional Cooperatives and a further seven companies from the Migros Group. In the reporting year, five regional Cooperatives were able to prove their exemplary OHM with successful recertification.

About three quarters of all Migros Group employees work in a company that has been awarded the Friendly Work Space label.

Key figures Health & Safety at Work

Total paid working hours (in h) 125'642'798
Hours worked 80.2%
Paid leave and absence 19.8%
Health rate 94.7%
Rate of absenteeism
Rate of occupational accidents and absenteeism 0.28%
Rate of non-occupational accidents 0.48%
Illness 3.99%

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