Society & Culture

Cultural & Social Affairs

In 2018, Migros Culture Percentage and the Engagement Migros development fund invested in music clubs, civic participation and the circular economy.

Migros Culture Percentage

30'000 dance enthusiasts attended 83 performances by 12 international dance companies to mark the 30th anniversary of the Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps. For the second time, Migros Culture Percentage and Fondation Suisa supported small and medium-sized Swiss music clubs with the funding initiative "Cheers!". In the 2017/2018 season, sales of concert tickets for the Migros Culture Percentage Classics exceeded 90%.

In the area of social projects, a national conference was held on the topic of caring communities. The GDI study on the future of civic participation triggered a nationwide discussion on the subject. "Lapurla" – a national initiative to promote creative freedom for toddlers – was developed together with Bern University of the Arts (HKB).

Engagement Migros

The Engagement Migros development fund supported a total of 60 projects, 15 of which were newly scouted. "Circular Economy" was the seventh focus topic and the first projects in this field were launched. At the incentive event Reframe! The Future Begins in Museums, held by Engagement Migros and Plateforme 10 in Lausanne, numerous pioneering projects in museums were presented and discussed by international experts.

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