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Migros Media

Migros is one of the largest media companies in Switzerland. It has promoted the publication and discussion of socially relevant issues since the 1930s.

In 2018, Migros-Magazin (German) had a circulation of 1'558'711 and reached 2'371'000 readers; Migros Magazine (French) had a circulation of 507'257 and 660'000 readers. The websites of Migros and Azione were visited about 513'000 times per month.

In 2018, the culinary magazine Migusto (German/French/Italian) had a certified circulation of 187'223 and 731'000 readers. The Migusto website recorded 884'000 visits per month.

The well-being and sustainability magazine Vivai (German/French/Italian) ceased publication in autumn 2018; the last issue was published on 1 October 2018.

In addition to publishing the weeklies and the magazine, the communication and media division develops and implements custom solutions for Migros Group companies in the areas of content marketing, corporate storytelling, communication and corporate design.

Migros Ticino publishes the weekly newspaper Azione independently in Italian. With 123'000 readers and a circulation of 102'022, Azione was Ticino's second most widely read weekly magazine in the reporting year.

Sources: WEMF, Circulation Bulletin 2018; MACH Basic 2018-2; NET-Metrix Audit (monthly Ø Oct. 2017 to Sep. 2018)

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