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The health of the population is important to Migros. In 2018, it stepped up its commitment to health by expanding its range of products and services and strengthening the health platform iMpuls.

With the expansion of the Medbase Group and strategic partnerships with hospitals and providers of medical services, Migros enhanced its range of primary care solutions in 2018. With the integration of the outpatient operating centre in Burgdorf, Medbase expanded its portfolio with a new strategic business segment and took forward-looking steps towards end-to-end, integrated and innovative medical care.

In the area of nutrition, Migros expanded the well-being brand "YOU" in the reporting year. More than 80 innovative and diverse products are now available, including low-sugar yoghurts, superfood snacks and snacks containing simple, natural ingredients.

With the aim of placing all health products in the same location in the branches in order to give customers a clearer overview, Migros began merging the health ranges in 2018. In addition to integrating the health food ranges, the sales areas for the health ranges were expanded in the near-food and non-food segments and new brands were added. M-Industry enhanced its expertise in the production of vegan and vegetarian food in the reporting year.

Since 2018, the health initiative iMpuls has been a partner of Switzerland's most popular fun runs, including the Bern Grand Prix and the Zürcher Silvesterlauf. In the reporting year, it optimised the structure of the health platform and improved it with new content. More than 2.5 million customers have visited the platform to find information on topics relating to nutrition, exercise, relaxation and medicine.

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