Overview of Migros

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Migros is recognised by its customers, its employees and the general public as the leading company for improving quality of life. Our vision: a better life every day.

Migros' consumer and service products are oriented to everyday needs, to all levels of society and their specific needs regarding quality of life.

Our strategy

The strategy sets a framework for the orientation of the strategic business units of the Migros Group. It is developed by the Executive Board on behalf of the FMC Board of Directors and approved by the latter. The entire Migros Group is bound by its targets, values and management principles.

Migros' strategic business units and business entities act as stand-alone businesses as far as possible. They are assigned clear objectives and roles, and potential synergies between the businesses are fully exploited.

Strategic initiatives help to create potential for added value, which can be exploited only with a joint, integrated effort.

Our targets

  • We want to remain the undisputed market leader in the Swiss retail sector. In the other business units, we assume a leading position in the corresponding market segment.

    In the spirit of Gottlieb Duttweiler, we undertake to offer our customers the best value for money

    We are committed to offering our customers the best value for money.

    In the Cooperative Retailing sector, we benefit from having full control of large parts of the value-added chain. Accordingly, we operate industrial, logistics and retail enterprises within the group.

    Our industrial companies fulfil a dual role here: they develop and manufacture innovative own brands that offer Swiss quality at fair prices, and they sell to third parties in Switzerland and other countries.

    International purchasing allows us to procure products at fair prices and also take into account ethical and ecological principles.

  • We target growth abroad with the intention of strengthening the existing business units and the Migros Group.
  • We also aim to offer our customers an enhanced and improved shopping experience by expanding our digital business models (no-line) and transforming in-store retail.
  • We strive for sustainable profitability for the Migros Group as a whole.

Our promise

To our customers

Migros is the Swiss company that is passionate about its customers' quality of life.

To our employees

As a model employer, we provide our employees with the right conditions for a motivating, performance-oriented working environment that attracts and retains the best people.

To our cooperative members

We undertake to create values that guarantee the long-term and independent existence of Migros.

To our suppliers

We aim to collaborate directly with our suppliers based on the free market economy and fair competition. 

To our suppliers

We aim to collaborate directly with our suppliers based on the free market economy and fair competition. We are constantly improving our products and services, promoting the health and well-being of the population, and setting ecological and social standards for working and production conditions.

To society

We promote the free and independent fulfilment of human potential.

To society

We promote the free and independent fulfilment of human potential. Migros Culture Percentage gives a broad section of the population access to culture and education, and enables people to be part of the cultural, social and economic changes in society. We manage our core business in a socially responsible way that conserves resources. With our pioneering work, we create unique added value for people, wildlife and the environment. The Engagement Migros development fund supports pioneering projects committed to social change.