Society & Culture

Cultural & Social Affairs

Migros Culture Percentage has been opening up its support measures to cultural projects in all categories since 2020. In the reporting year, the Engagement Migros development fund invested in climate protection, democracy promotion and sustainable innovation.

Migros Culture Percentage

Migros Culture Percentage has adapted its cultural promotion policy, and since April 2020 has been supporting innovative projects across all categories – with funding contributions and limited calls for proposals. Funding contributions were still paid out even if events had to be cancelled due to Covid-19, and some of Migros Culture Percentage's own events were held in digital formats. With m2act, a new project was launched in the field of performing arts.

With its comprehensive two-part exhibition "Potential Worlds", the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art addressed the topical issue of ecology from an art perspective.

In order to provide quick support for national flagship initiatives and projects in the social sphere, Migros Culture Percentage adapted its support policy for social projects. Tavolata launched a newspaper for the self-organised table communities. In addition, VitaminB, the support body for associations, increased its digital range of courses. This made an important contribution towards social cohesion during times of social distancing.

Engagement Migros

The Engagement Migros development fund supported a total of 67 projects in 2020, of which 14 were newly scouted and launched. The new products focused on current societal issues, such as climate protection, democracy promotion and sustainable innovation. Numerous projects also made contributions to coping with the pandemic.