Resources & Consumption


Migros is committed to responsible procurement of raw materials and environmentally friendly products. A strong focus in 2020 was on animal welfare and on reducing the ecological footprint of its detergents.

At the end of 2020, Migros became the first retailer to sell only fresh and cooked eggs from free-range chickens in Cooperative Retailing. In addition, numerous processed products containing egg have been switched to free-range husbandry. Migros also began selling "Respeggt" eggs in the reporting year, for which no male chicks are killed.

Since 2013, Migros has consistently demanded that the high Swiss animal welfare standards are also applied to all animal products from abroad. In 2020, it introduced some pioneering changes to improve animal welfare abroad. For example, it now only imports fresh and processed chicken meat from foreign suppliers that keep their chickens in full compliance with Swiss animal welfare requirements.

As part of its innovative efforts, Migros pushed ahead with two pilot projects in 2020 to increase the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. The Migros Cooperatives Eastern Switzerland and Neuchâtel-Fribourg sold avocados with the "Apeel" layer, which keeps the products fresh for considerably longer. A plant-based substance developed by the Swiss start-up AgroSustain reduces crop loss by combating mould on fruit and vegetables.

Since 2020, a new production method has enabled Migros to use industrial alcohol obtained from recycled CO2 in cleaning products sold under the Potz and Migros Plus brands. The ecological footprint of the products can thereby be halved. The production method conserves natural resources, such as land and water, as industrial alcohol is usually produced from sugar beets or cane. The innovative process also filters CO2 from the air and converts it into a useful product.