Overview of Migros

Migros – Simply good together

The lives of people in Switzerland and around the world fundamentally changed in 2020. Many things can no longer be taken for granted. But there is one thing that has helped and made us stronger through these hard times: our community spirit, marked by mutual help and support.

2020 was a year of widespread restrictions, worry and uncertainty. At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic strengthened many people’s conviction that challenges can only be overcome by working together.

With numerous – sometimes spontaneous – initiatives and measures for our customers, Migros helped to overcome moments of loneliness and bring some joy back into everyday life in this year of crisis. How this was achieved can be seen directly in the authentic documentary photographs featured in this year’s Annual Report.

The pictures, which were taken by different photographers during the course of 2020, show the various situations in Migros branches, in the warehouses of Digitec Galaxus, in garden centres and in offices. Thank you to all the regional Cooperatives, Migros industrial companies and subsidiaries that contributed to this special account of life in 2020.

  • Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel AG
  • Digitec Galaxus
  • Migros Cooperative Aare (MCAA)
  • Migros Cooperative Basel (MCBS)
  • Migros Cooperative Lucerne (MCLU)
  • Regional cooperative Elected delegates Migros Cooperative Zurich (MCZ)
  • Jowa AG
  • Migros Bank
  • Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Communications & Media Division
  • Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Club Schools Coordination & Leisure Division
  • Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Cultural & Social Affairs Division
  • Migros Online