Photovoltaics: power from the sun

To prevent climate emissions, Migros is also turning to solar energy. In 2009, six new solar installations on Migros roofs went on-grid.

An internal study of Migros' greenhouse gas emissions revealed that a significant percentage resulted from electricity production. To reduce this percentage, Migros is turning to electricity efficiency (i.e. reducing electricity consumption) and to renewable-source electricity. Last year at the Herdern operations centre in Zurich, for example, Migros’ seventh own photovoltaic system went into operation.

Migros isn't just building its own systems. It is increasingly allowing energy supply companies to use the large roofs of its properties free of charge. This is because they have the expertise and capital to build and operate powerful systems. At the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, for example, energy supplier Romande Energie installed the largest photovoltaic system yet on a Migros site - and one of the largest in Switzerland - at the operations centre of the Migros Cooperative Vaud in Ecublens. It is designed to generate around a million kilowatt hours per year, which equals the consumption of 300 households. Migros is therefore contributing significantly to green electricity generation in Canton Vaud.


The eleventh photovoltaic system on a Migros roof was installed last year by Stromwerk on the new Migros market in Rüschlikon am Zürichsee.