Workplace health Management

In 2011 additional Migros companies were awarded the Friendly Work Space quality seal for exemplary occupational health management (OHM). Initial re-certifications are already scheduled for 2012. They are designed to show changes in the OHM and promote its sustainable foundation in the company. The net balance shows that a systematic occupational health management has a permanent position everywhere and along the entire value-added chain in Migros Group.

In 2009, the Friendly Work Space label was awarded by the Health Promotion Switzerland foundation for the first time. This label is recognition for companies that stand out with a comprehensive and systematic commitment to the health of their employees in accordance with the criteria for occupational health management. In the meantime, 11 Migros companies have already received this award. They represent the entire value-added chain of Migros. Five of these 11 certified Migros companies can be found in the Cooperative Retailing business area, two of which from the Romandie. Three of the companies can be found in the industry and the remaining three in other business areas. In 2011 two Migros companies were newly certified as being a Friendly Work Space.