In touch with customers around the clock

The dialogue with customers is becoming increasingly diverse. Social media is opening up new possibilities and Migros is increasing its online presence. The sustainability campaign «Generation M», which was launched in 2012, has been very well received.

Migros counts around 430 million customer contacts at the checkout each year. In addition to sales discussions, it maintains an open and diverse dialogue with its customers. An established channel is the M-Infoline, which recorded 167'000 contacts last year. Migros also conducts surveys of passers-by and customers on a regular basis. Alongside a range of printed publications, Migros is focusing increasingly on the Internet and social media, which have made the dialogue significantly more interactive over the past years. The two most important target groups are families as well as people with an interest in sustainability.

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Strong Internet presence

With around 29'000 pages, Migros' web presence is very extensive. In 2012 alone, it recorded 22.5 million hits and 73 million page visits. Migipedia has become an extremely popular offer: the customer platform has around 30'000 members, who are able to make suggestions and voice their opinions on more than 13'000 products. By engaging in social media, Migros aims to initiate discussions with customers and get to know their ideas and requirements better – through its Facebook page, for example. The Internet is a key aspect of «Generation M», which was launched in 2012. The public can take part in the campaign on a web platform and make their own sustainability promises. The suggestions are rated by the users, selected by a panel of judges and launched as a «weekly promise» of the campaign. In 2012 some 50'000 people took part in this dialogue.

Wide variety of print media

The Migros print media reach more than 3 million people each week and regularly address sustainability matters. The Migros magazine and the Ticino affiliated newspaper Azione publish articles on ecological, social and business policy in each issue. In addition, a special supplement on sustainability was published in July 2012. The magazine was aimed at the general public and illustrated the commitment of Migros in this area. Furthermore, through its own sites, the Migros magazine reaches an additional 60'000 people each week and raises awareness on sustainability issues.

The quarterly magazine «Saisonküche» publishes seasonal recipes based on the philosophy of the «Green Gourmet» cookery book. The sustainability and well-being magazine «Vivai» is published six times a year and features background reports and coverage on the environment and nutrition. Both «Vivai» and «Saisonküche» are printed in a climate-neutral way.

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Support for families

Since 2012, Migros has been targeting future parents and families with the «Famigros» family club. Famigros supports its members with information, tips, leisure offers, special discounts and preferential prices on family shopping.

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