Fitnesspark Allmend: new top-class gym in Lucerne

Leisure Facilities

In 2012 Migros continued to consolidate its leading position in the Swiss fitness and wellness market. Seven additional fitness and wellness centres and a new medical health centre are now available to promote a better quality of life for customers.

Leisure facilities and health centres – better quality of life

In an increasingly hectic world, people need places where they can relax, where they can look after their bodies and minds, and where they can train. Migros has been responding to this need with its leisure facilities since the 1970s. Long before the wellness trend of the 1990s, it established itself as a leader in the health and leisure market. Thanks to the expansion of its business activities in the preventive medicine area, Migros now has a wide range of leisure facilities and health centres. It is therefore following its established principles: better quality of life for everyone offering the best value for money and a strong commitment to public health.
In 2012 Migros owned 54 Fitness-, Wellness- and Aquaparks and eleven Medbase health centres, as well as six Golfparks and two GolfCampuses.


  • 132'300 annual members (+11.6% compared to 2011)
  • 7.76 million visits (+7.7% compared to 2011)
  • More than 10'000 IC Cardholders (+34% comapred to 2011)

Migros Fitness-, Wellness- and Aquaparks
Migros has managed to consolidate its leading position in the Swiss fitness and wellness market by takeovers and new openings. Seven centres were added in 2012, including Western Switzerland’s first fitness centre in Fribourg, operated by Activ Fitness, a Migros subsidiary. In place of the first Migros Fitnesspark, in Tribschen, which opened in 1977 and closed in 2012, the new Allmend Fitnesspark was opened in August 2012 in Lucerne.

In July 2012 the Migros Cooperative Eastern Switzerland took over the two centres in Wil and Frauenfeld for its MFIT format; in September it also opened its fourth training centre, in Schaffhausen. Migros Freizeit Deutschland GmbH – a subsidiary of the Migros Cooperative Zürich – opened its first Elements Centre in Munich in November. Further sites are planned for Munich, and for Stuttgart and Frankfurt in subsequent years.

The Intercity Card, Migros’ general season ticket for more exercise and health, is now valid in 45 towns and cities, and 54 facilities. The card therefore provides access to the biggest fitness and wellness network in Switzerland.

Medbase health centres
In close cooperation with the Migros Fitnessparks, Medbase is Migros’ partner for holistic advice and support in the medical area. In 2012 the eleventh Medbase health centre was opened in Lucerne. A new sports health centre will follow early in 2013 in Zürich with an improved range of medical and therapeutic products.

Migros Golfparks – Golf for all

«Golf for all» – Migros has been pursuing this goal since 1995, and today there are six Golfparks and two Golfcampuses all over Switzerland. With a total of 183 holes, Migros is by far the largest provider of public golf facilities in Switzerland, and is playing a major part in making the game of golf a mass sport.
The Migros Golfparks have been members of the Swiss Golf Association (ASG) since 2008. With the Migros ASG GolfCard, over 11'000 golfers identify themselves as members of a recognised organisation of golfers who do not belong to a club, including in other countries.

Consistent with the strategic focus of youth promotion, the Migros Golfparks are continuing the Frey + Cie Junior Major under the name Migros Junior Major. In addition, a partnership has been agreed with the Swiss PGA in the area of training and further training of Swiss professional golfers. The Migros Golfparks are now co-sponsors, and with their facilities, plus the two GolfCampuses, are the only official training centre for the Swiss PGA. The professional association of Swiss golf professionals will be holding its training and further training days, and the Swiss PGA Team Championship, on courses run by the Migros Golfparks.


  • 11'010 holders of the Migros ASG GolfCard
  • 433'392 rounds of golf played
  • 21.6 million balls hit on driving ranges
  • 1490 handicap tests
  • 183 holes overall