Sponsoring: innovative activities

Migros sponsors a wide variety of projects and events which not only strengthen the brand, but also offer target groups and Migros employees interesting added value. Four activities in particular stood out in 2012:

New cooperation with the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC)

Since the start of 2012, Migros has been supporting the Swiss Alpine Club in its commitment to the environmentally friendly use of the mountains and the conservation of the Alpine countryside. It also helps to increase awareness of the SAC's services among the wider public. As the exclusive sponsor, Migros is also committed to the important area of youth and encourages young people to participate in Alpine sports. With around 135'000 members, the SAC is one of the largest sports associations in Switzerland. It will celebrate its 150-year anniversary in 2013. Migros is the exclusive partner of these activities.

New festival campaign with M-Budget

«We are young and need the money» – under this motto, Migros granted music fans free access to Switzerland's biggest Openairs as part of its M-Budget initiative. As the main sponsor, Migros gave away more than 350 festival passes. Groups living in shared accommodation could apply for VIP passes and win the main prize of the year. In addition, festival guests benefited from a diverse range of M-Budget support services on site, such as help with pitching their tents or transporting their luggage. This innovative and targeted campaign became the main talking point throughout Switzerland.

A real Migros store at Openair Frauenfeld

As the main sponsor of Openair Frauenfeld, Migros had been pulling up on the festival grounds in an old Migros vehicle with a correspondingly small product range in past years. However, in 2012 it decided to set up a temporary Migros store for the first time. Across an area of 250 square metres, visitors were able to stock up with everything they needed for the festival weekend – at Migros prices. The aim of this pilot project was to alleviate the usual Openair shopping chaos around the train station – but the store itself was overrun.

Generation M implemented in the sport of running

«As the main sponsor, we promise Deborah that we will support running events for more than 200'000 athletes each year until 2015.» Migros made this promise at the start of 2012 as part of the Generation M sustainability programme. At the larger running events that were supported, all the participants were counted using microchips, with the help of the company Datasport. The promise was finally fulfilled at the Course de l'Escalade in Geneva, when the counter switched from 199'999 to 200'000 as John Sprengelmeijer crossed the finish line.