The Commerce Department performed very well in 2009 with 9'024 staff generating revenues of CHF 5'869.7 million. Earnings before finance income, income tax and pension plan effect (EBIT) amounted to CHF 156.4 million, 58.5 per cent higher than the previous year.

In CHF milions 2009 2008 Change in %
Net revenue from sales of goods and services sold      
- Denner 2'763.0 2'696.3 2.5 %
- Migrol 1'564.0 1'974.6 -20.8 %
- Magazine zum Globus 795.5 803.8 -1.0 %
- Interio 259.9 278.9 -6.8 %
- Ex Libris 193.2 193.3 -0.1 %
- LeShop 131.5 111.7 17.7 %
- Office World 106.5 110.5 -3.6 %
- Other companies 33.4 32.3 3.4 %
Total net revenue from sales of goods and services sold 5'847.0 6'201.4 -5.7 %
Other operating income 48.5 46.0 5.4 %
Eliminations -25.8 -34.2 -24.6 %
Total income (sales) 5'869.7 6'213.2 -5.5 %
Earnings before finance income, and income tax and pension plan effect (EBIT) 156.4 98.7 58.5 %
Segment assets 1'839.8 1'846.6  
Investments 117.8 189.9  
Number of employees 9'024 8'896  


In the year under review, management placed the strategic focus on conceptual innovation, flexibility and dynamism, with a view to strengthening the market position of the individual retailers and exploiting growth opportunities, also internationally. In response to increased competition in the discount business, initiatives were launched to further improve efficiency. The Department's leading position in e-commerce will continue to be expanded. Estimated revenue in 2009 (from food, media products, office supplies, travel and heating oil) was over CHF 500 million.


Denner: Position expanded

In the Discount segment, the acquisition of Denner was concluded at the end of 2009. As a result of the acquisition, Denner managed to expand its position as the leading Swiss discounter in spite of strong competition, increasing net revenue by CHF 67 million (+2.5 per cent) to CHF 2.763 billion. Parallel to this, initiatives for efficiency improvements and optimisation of process chains were successfully implemented. As a result, Denner generated record earnings in a highly competitive market in 2009 and remains Switzerland's most popular discounter.

Globus: Holds its ground

In the Warehouse segment, Globus clearly defended its position as Switzerland's leading premium provider in 2009. The efficiency improvement programme overcompensated for the comparatively low revenue decline of 1 per cent, thus considerably improving the profitability and substance of the Globus Group. New concepts implemented in individual key goods groups and redesigned sales areas (e.g. Globus Berne/Herren Globus St. Gallen) performed consistently beyond expectations.

Interio and Depot: Increased collaboration

In the Home/Furnishings sector, Interio is going through a phase of conceptual redefinition and repositioning. In line with expectations, Interio had to accept revenues and market share declines in 2009 as a result. Revenues fell by 6.8 per cent in the reporting period. Pleasing results could be gleaned from increased collaboration between Interio and Gries Deco Company (GDC/Depot), in which Migros has a share. The opening of the first joint stores in Switzerland was very successful. Measures initiated to further merge the entrepreneurial concepts and exploit procurement synergies form the basis for dynamic further development in both companies.

Migrol: Record result

As a result of hefty price declines in fossil fuels (crude oil), Migrol revenue fell by CHF 411 million to CHF 1.564 billion. All the same, Migrol managed to achieve a record result thanks to expansion of its heating oil business. In the filling station shop business, the joint venture with Shell performed far better than either partner expected. In total, 112 Migrol and Shell stations were rebranded under the new convenience brand migrolino A further 24 migrolino locations at railway stations and in inner cities were opened or reopened. Accordingly, 136 migrolinos were opened within the 12 months of 2009. The extent and the economic success of the migrolino rollout therefore surpassed expectations by far.

Office World, Ex Libris und LeShop: Growth thanks to online business

Given the difficult market environment and as a result of structural shifts in the product range, Office World revenue declined by 3.6 per cent. Ex Libris on the other hand posted record revenue for 2009 in spite of aggressive price competition and hefty price discounts in the book market. Ex Libris also recorded steady income in the past fiscal year.

In the Online segment, LeShop continued its growth strategy in 2009 and significantly extended its market leadership in this sector. Growth stood at 17.7 per cent in 2009 and revenue increased by CHF 20 million to CHF 132 million. With this development, LeShop remains both conceptually and technologically a benchmark in the online food business and one of the European pioneers in this sector. Accordingly, LeShop is also a decisive strategic driver in the further development of e-commerce and the online strategy of the entire Migros Group. In this very dynamic segment, estimated revenue (from food, media products, office supplies, travel, heating oil, etc.) was considerably above CHF 500 million in 2009.

Outlook: Increased collaboration

The various projects and synergy programmes of the Commerce Department have performed consistently well. The success of migrolino in the Convenience sector is just one example of excellent cooperation. The collaboration between the Commerce and Industry Departments has also developed rapidly to a volume of several hundred million francs.
All in all, in spite of a difficult economic environment in 2009, important foundations were laid in the companies of the Commerce Department for further entrepreneurial development, increased innovation and future growth of the Migros Group.