Family-friendly Working-time Models

Family-friendly working-time models require a legal framework which supports and promotes the harmonisation of career and family. In 2010 Migros was successful in campaigning for the family and social needs of employees to be taken into account in labour law.

Since 1 August 2010 there has been a provision in effect in labour law that as well as alternating shifts also allows a working-time system with purely night work and purely day work without constantly switching between night and day work. This means that there will be proper allowance for the fact that it is impossible or unreasonable for many employees, especially women, to work under an alternating shift system where they regularly have to do night work, and not just day work. In the political arena Migros has fought hard for this provision, which seriously considers the needs of employees with children who would otherwise lose out, and has thus helped to make career and family more compatible.