Working Hours, Absence and Accidents

Health, workplace quality, job satisfaction and productivity belong together. Healthy, motivated and productive employees generate the most added value. At Migros, work and health go hand in hand, whereby systematic and sustainable OHM plays a key role. It is integrated in Migros' management systems as a strategic factor and is part of responsible business management.

This is reflected in the figures for 2012: the percentage of hours worked against paid working hours decreased only slightly at about 81% (chart 1). At 95.39%, the health rate even saw an increase on the previous year (chart 2). This corresponds to the actual number of hours worked.

The absenteeism rate of 4.10% improved slightly against the previous year's figure of 4.15%. It is slightly higher than the Swiss average, as is the weekly length of absence per employee (charts 3 and 4). Absence due to illness fell by 0.04% to 3.38%. The non-occupational accident rate (NOA rate) remained unchanged on the previous year at 0.48%, whereas the occupational accident rate (OA rate incl. occupational illness rate; OI rate) fell from 0.25% in the previous year to 0.24% (chart 5). The stable and slightly improved absenteeism rates prove the effectiveness of the occupational health and safety measures within Migros.

The accident rates for 2006 to 2011 show a trend towards less risk of occupational accidents in the industrial companies. For the cooperatives and other companies, there were no relevant changes. However, the risk of non-occupational accidents shows a slight upward trend for all group companies. The risk of incidence is based on the number of accidents per 1'000 employees.

Based on the developments in 2012, and in line with the company mission, Migros continues to perform a number of activities to create health-promoting working conditions for its employees. Sick employees are supported, and reintegration procedures after long absences are carefully planned. Some activities make staff more aware of how to behave safely in their leisure time, while others have a direct impact on the conditions and the conduct of employees at work.

Reintegration support is also offered to invalidity pensioners. In 2012 Migros employed around 670 people who receive an invalidity pension; this corresponds to 0.8% of all Migros staff in Switzerland. In Cooperative Retailing, this figure stands at around 1%, though it should be noted here that the employer is not aware of every incidence of a pension being drawn.

Charts Working hours, wellness rating, absence and accidents

CHART - MA-Arbeitsstunden, Urlaube und Absenzen
CHART - MA-Gesundheitsquote
CHART - MA Absenzquote
CHART - MA Wöchentliche Dauer der Absenzen pro Arbeitsstelle
CHART - MA Absenzquote Krankheit, Berufs- und Nichtberufsunfall