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Occupational Health Management

Within the Migros companies, activities aimed at boosting the ability to work, preventing incapacity and facilitating the reintegration into working life are systematically managed and optimised as part of occupational health management (OHM).

Friendly Work Space®

Eleven companies from the Migros Group have already been awarded the Friendly Work Space® quality seal for exemplary occupational health management (OHM) by the Health Promotion Switzerland foundation. This label recognises companies that make a comprehensive and systematic commitment to the health of their employees in accordance with the OHM criteria. The eleven companies represent the entire value-added chain of Migros. Six of these companies, of which two are from the Romandie, originate from the Cooperative Retailing business unit. Two of them are from Industry and three from the remaining business units.

In 2012 four Migros Group companies were re-certified successfully for the first time. The re-certifications are designed to show the advances in OHM and help the further integration within the company. The net balance shows that systematic occupational health management has a permanent position everywhere and along the entire value-added chain in the Migros Group. It is developed continuously in line with the changing conditions and requirements.

Occupational health and safety

To meet its legal responsibility towards employees, Migros applies a group-wide solution for the Migros companies. This ensures the systematic and comprehensive implementation of occupational health and safety standards. Strengths and potential measures are identified across the companies and mutual solutions are developed. The companies are continuously informed of the latest health and safety aspects and are given targeted, results-oriented support by qualified specialists, as well as subject-specific work and communication tools.

Prevention and health promotion

To maintain and boost the ability to work, specific prevention measures are taken within the Migros Group companies. In 2012 focal points across the entire Group included numerous activities in the areas of ergonomics and mental health improvement. The potential health of employees was boosted with health-promoting working conditions and by teaching health-promoting behavioural measures. For example, in summer 2012, more than 60 specialists from the Migros Group came together at an internal conference on the subject of mental health.

Absenteeism and case management

A key aspect of a company's social responsibility is the support and reintegration of sick or injured employees. It is essential that sympathetic, helpful discussions are held with those affected as soon as possible and that the reintegration processes are actively promoted and supported. Measures are decided upon quickly and in accordance with the specific needs of the affected employees. This is achieved through close collaboration with all relevant services. The objective is to activate all resources that could contribute towards supporting the sick or injured employee in an optimal way.

On this basis, it was possible to improve the partnership with the invalidity insurance provider (IV) even further thanks to a central IV office (pilot project 2010–12 in the Romandie). Due to this success, it was decided in 2012 to set up the central IV office permanently in the Romandie.