Workforce and Staff Movements

Within the Migros Group, Cooperative Retailing, which employed just under 65% of staff in 2012, plays an identity-forging role. The Migros Group as a whole offers a unique variety of tasks in different roles and professions. This is not only a strength with regard to corporate and personnel policy, but a constant challenge as well.

In 2012 the Migros Group was able to increase its workforce by 1.2% to 87'461 employees, of which 64'002 are in full-time positions. This was due to the first-time consolidation of Cash & Carry Angehrn AG as well as the expansion of individual companies of the Migros Group, among other factors. Only very sporadic reductions in staff levels were recorded in other companies. Abroad, Gries Deco Company GmbH grew in particular.

The period from 2006 to 2012 shows consolidated employment growth of almost 10%, despite the bleak economic environment for much of this time.

Chart Workforce

CHART - MA Personenbestand


The structuring of the Migros Group into five strategic business units – Cooperative Retailing, Retail, Industry & Wholesale, Financial Services and Travel, which are in turn assigned one or more business entities – reflects the wide variety of industries, sectors and markets in which the employees work in entirely different roles and professions. This is complemented further by companies including Shared Services with the national logistics service centres Migros Verteilzentrum Suhr AG (for food) and Migros Verteilbetriebe Neuendorf AG (for non-food, textiles and frozen produce) and various foundations.

Within the Migros Group, Cooperative Retailing, which employed just under 65% of the workforce in 2012, continues to play an important identity-forging role. Of the almost 320'000 employees in Swiss retail, almost 20% work in retail for Migros. Measured by the number of employees, the other business units also play a major economic role. For instance, Migros Industry employs around 30% of all people working in the Swiss food industry. Furthermore, around 10% of all employees in Switzerland's travel industry work in the strategic business unit Travel.

Chart Workforce by strategic business units

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Chart Hiring and fluctuation rates compared

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