Vocational Training Marketing and Quality Management

The Migros Group's vocational training attracts young people interested in an apprenticeship via the «New Talents» platform as well as numerous activities in social networks. Integrated quality management identifies optimisation opportunities in order to improve vocational training on a continuous basis.

The Migros Group's vocational training is promoted under the label «New Talents – 3300 Lehrstellen mit Zukunft» (New Talents – 3300 apprenticeships with prospects). It participates at training exhibitions with various activities and holds informational events for pupils as well as parents. The website www.migros.ch/berufsbildung provides information about the more than 40 different professions and the 34 companies in the Migros Group, along with the relevant contact details. This is supplemented with 14 videos on selected vocational professions, showing the daily routines of trainees in their working and training environments. The Migros Group's vocational training also operates a Facebook fan page (→ facebook.com/migros.newtalents) with various posts about vocational training.

Under Article 8 of the Swiss Vocational Training Act (BBG), companies that train apprentices are obliged to integrate quality management into vocational training. The Migros Group evaluates the quality of the vocational training processes every two years. This ensures compliance with the legal provisions and the company's internal criteria, as well as highlighting potential optimisations.